The wine is the typical Mediterranean drink. Many studies have pointed out that wine (especially the red one) drunken in small amount , has good effects in cardiovascular disease. In fact it contains poliphenoles and other substances with antioxidant properties and seems to increase HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) . The variety of vine is far more significant in determining a wine’s flavour than the climate and geography of the vineyards. There are hundreds of grave varieties. Some wines, red Bordeaux or Chianti for instance, are a blend of several grape varieties, though it is often possible to pick out some of the individual flavours. Others are mad efrom a single variety, which may be named on the label. The following are the principal grapes that might appear on a label:

q       white one:  aligotè, cataratto, chardonnay, chenin blance, grillo, inzolia, malvasia, Muscat, pecorino, picolit, pinot blanc, pinot gris, sauvignon, tocai, verdicchio, verduzzo, viura

q red one: barbera, black from Avola, cabernet Franc, cabernet Sauvignon, cannonau, dolcetto, gamay, grignolino, lambrusco, merlot, montepulciano, nebbiolo, pinot noir, refosco, sangiovese, schioppettino, syrah, teroldego


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