Pacemaker work by giving an artificial signal to initiate contraction each time that the heart fail to generate its own signal. They can be implanted quite easily under local anesthetic. They consist of a small box of micro-electronic circuitry powered by a small but very long-life battery (5-10 years) attached to a wire whose tip is lodged within the heart. When we are exposed to an electromagnetic field it generate electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can alter the function of the pacemaker or implantable defibrillator). The intensity of EMI is higher in condominiums than in single family houses and it increase at higher floors. The most dangerous household appliances as a source of electromagnetic field are: ice-cream machines, food grinders, washing machines (during spin-drying), electric typewriters, electric blankets and electric shavers connected to power line, carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, personal computers (especially the monitors), air conditioner (single room, movable), hi-fi loudspeakers. Outside and at work pay attention to. Powerful magnets, power generators, arc-welding machines, cordless tools with metal handle, high-voltage power lines, melting furnaces, radar stations, transmitting antennas of broadcasting and mobile phone stations.  At the airport not let they place the portable metal detector close to pacemaker implant site, not delay close to electronic gates or anti-theft systems located at the exit of banks. Finally avoid magnetic resonance, positron emission tomography (PET), electrocautery, radiotherapy, lithotripsy, transcutaneous nerve stimulation, RF ablation, external defibrillation, external and internal cardioversion, diathermy, electroacupuncture, magnetotherapy, Use mobile phone of last generation with hear phone and maximum power of 2 watts and do not carry the phone near the pacemaker.  


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