Oral contraceptives

 The oral contraceptives (The pill) are made of estrogen and progestin. By the light of several studiesthe World Health Organization has pointed out :

q       Taking oral contraceptives and smoking increases the risk of heart attack and stroke many times

q       Oral contraceptives do not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women younger than 35 who do not smoke and do not have high blood pressure

q       Women with high blood pressure who currently use birth control pills have a 10-fold to 15-fold higher risk of stroke

q       The risk of blood clots in the veins of oral contraceptives users is three to four time higher than the risk in nonusers, and even higher in women using some of the newer progestins

q       Any increased risks of high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke due to taking the pill go down when women stop taking.

Newer, lower-dose oral contraceptive carry a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease if you do not smoke and do not are hypertensive.


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