Food intolerance and food idiosyncrasy

These are generally localized, temporary, and rarely life threatening reactions to some foods. Food intolerance is an adverse reaction to a food substance or additive that involves digestion or metabolism, but does not involve the immune system (i.e.: lactose intolerance due to lack of an enzyme needed to digest lactose (the milk sugar). If a  subject who has lactose intolerance eats milk or milk products may experience intestinal gas,  bloating and abdominal pain. Food idiosyncrasy is an unusual and unexpected  sensitivity exhibited by an individual to a particular food or food substance. The reaction can resemble or differ from symptoms of true food allergy. The reaction do not involve the immune system. Sulfite sensitivity or sulfite-induced asthma is an example of a food idiosyncrasy. The burning sensation when eating foods like chili peppers is an example of a chemical food reaction.


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