Absolute risk assessment of coronary artery disease

in primary prevention  

How to use the coronary risk chart

1.       to estimate a personís absolute 10-year risk of  coronary artery disease event, find the table for your gender, smoking status and age

2.       within the table, find the cell nearest to your systolic blood pressure (mmHg) and total cholesterol (mmol/l or mg/dl)

3.       compare the cell colour within the key and read the risk level

4.       the effect of lifetime exposure to risk factors can be seen by following the table upwards

risk is higher than indicated in the charts if you have a familial hyperlipidaemia, a family history of premature cardiovascular disease, HDL cholesterol < 1.0 mmol/l (40 mg/dl), trigliceride levels > 2 mmol/l (180 MG/DL) and as the person approaches the next age category

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