Guido Francesco Guida, M.D, Ph.D.

born in  Lercara Friddi (Palermo) in 1953

Permanent address in Palermo

Interest areas: clinical cardiology, hypertension, echocardiography, stress test, obesity, dietetics, sports medicine


·        Diploma Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II , Palermo, Italy (1966-1971)

·        Degree in Medicine and Surgery University of  Palermo, summa cum laude  (1971-1977)

·        Specialization in Cardiovascular Disease, University of  Palermo (1977-1980)

·        Specialization in Sport Medicine, University of  Palermo (1980-1983)

·        Specialization in Dietetics, University of  Palermo, summa cum laude (1983-1986)

·        Specialization in Nutrition, University of  Palermo, summa cum laude (1986-1987)

·        Doctor of Philosophy, P. Western University, U.S.A. (1992-1995)  

·    Master of science in scientific and institutional journalism (Ferrara University, 2002-2003)


Medical Practice Registration


·        Qualified to practice, University of  Palermo, Nov. 1977

·        Full registration at London General Medical Council as a Medical Practitioner (principal list), Gen. 1991

·        Full registration in the Specialist Register at London General Medical Council, Aug 1997

·        Proficiency in cardiovascular echocardiography issued by Italian Society of Echocardiography. 28 October 2002


Professional Experience  

·        Resident doctor at Medical Clinic, University of  Palermo (1977-1979)

·        Resident in Cardiology, Ospedale Civico of Palermo (1978)

·        Resident in Internal Medicine, Ospedale Civico of Palermo (1980)

·        Assistant in Internal Medicine, Palermo Military Hospital (1980-1981)

·        Assistant in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Partitico Civic Hospital (1982-1988)

·        Italian NHS Cardiologist, H.D. 14, ASL 6, Palermo (1988-2001)

·        Diploma of “Computer Programmer” June 1988

·        Institute of Cardiology, University of Catania, Course of Echocardiography (Feb-June 1994)

·        Honorary Research Fellow in Cardiology, Cardiology Clinic, Echocardiography, Hammersmith Hospital, RPMS, London, UK (1995)

·        Research Fellow, Preventive and Occupational Institute, University of  Palermo (1997)

·        Course “Contemporary management of the cardiovascular patient”, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA (1998)

·        Research Fellow,  Azienda Ospedaliera Santa Maria degli Angeli,  Pordenone, 1999

·        Course “Update in Echocardiography” Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York , USA (1999)

·        Course of  “B.L.S. and early defibrillation”, Università “La Sapienza”, Roma, (2000)

·        Accreditated as a cardiologist at American Consulate in Italy (from 1997)

·        Medical Consultant at

·        Editor of Sicilian Bullettin of Cardiology

·    Associate editor of the Italian journal of cardiology practice (2003)


Teaching Experinces


·        Palermo and Partinico Schools for Nurses and Medical Technicians (1982-1996)

·        Chairmen and speaker at NHS Regional Courses for cardiologists (1992)

·        Associate professor in Biomedical Science at P. Western University (from Dec 1995)

·        Coordinator and chairmen of “Course of  Electrocardiology for medical technicians”, sponsored by ANCE, Altavilla Milicia, Palermo (1994 & 1997)

·        Coordinator and chairmen of “1998 Basic Course of  Dietology”, sponsored by Palermo UNESCO Club and ANSISA (1998)

·        Coordinator and chairmen of “1999 Clinical Course of  Electrocardiology”, sponsored by ANCE, and FMSI (1999)

·        Coordinator and chairmen of “2000 Basic Course of  Dietology”, sponsored by Palermo UNESCO Club, FMSI, and Provincia Regionale di Palermo (2000)


Scientific Pubblications and fellow of Scientific Societies


·        100 in Italian and international medical journals

·        Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC)

·        Group for Cardiological Emergencies

·        Italian Society of territorial cardiologists (ANCE)

·        British Medical Association

·        Clinical Cardiology Council of American Heart Association


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