Alzheimer's disease


It is a progressive form of dementia occurring in middle age. It is associated with diffuse degeneration of the brain. Patients display a broad range of cognitive impairments, behavioural symptoms, and mood     changes. As a result, they require an individualized and multimodal treatment plan that evolves with time in order to address newly emergin issues. Doctors involved in the care of these patients should be          vigilant for symptoms likely to be present and should help the patients and family anticipate future          symptoms and the care likely to be required.

The treatment require several approches:

q       Psychiatric management

q       Psyco-therapies and other psycosocial treatments

q      Specific pharmacological treatment

q       Treatment of cognitive symptoms  (tacrine, donezepil, vitamin E, selegiline, ergot mesylates)

Treatment of psychosis, agitation, depression, and sleep disturbance


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